1. Screen replacements to get your broken phone back to new! Lifetime warranty on manufacturing and labor. Warranty does not cover broken glass or water damaged screens.
    Screen repair
  2. Battery issues causing a drain in your mobile life? Don't worry, we can have you refreshed and recharge in as little as 30 mins. Batteries include 1 year warranty.
    Battery replacement
  3. ipad repair for broken glass, defective charge ports and even have micro soldering solutions incase you ever need to have servicing done! 6 month warranty on micro soldering.
    iPad repair
  4. Water damage is never fun, we can inspect your device and let you know if it is fixable or if you need a data extraction.
    Water Damage

Certified iPhone Repair 

Our screen  repairs
We fix Samsungs
iPad repair

Chris Franco is a certified iTech with training, experience and great reviews on his repairs and parts.

Our replacement screens go through a rigorous testing process including drop testing, structural strentgh testing, High quality flex cables installed. If your part ever fails, its covered and backed by our *Lifetime warranty.

Just like our Apple repairs, we offer lifetime warranty on Samsung "S" or Note series phones. Who else can say that!

If your ipad is in need of a repair, we can get it fixed! Screen repairs include *Lifetime warranty. We can also replace charge ports or even offer microsoldering services.

Samsung "S" series and Note series repaired here!

Accesories for iPhone and Samsung "S" and Note models

iPhone X accessories including tempered glass and wireless charging pads.

​​West Texas iDr. is located at 101 Paint Rock Rd. in the same plaza as Lone Wolf Pub. Our hours are from 10am to 5:30pm Mon - Fri and 9am to 4pm Saturday
Lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects and labor only. If the glass is broken it voids warranty, if there is water damage to phone, it voids warranty. A few "scenarios" that your warranty will cover is screen separation thats not related to a failing swollen battery, dead pixels, lcd failure or no touch function that is not logic board  related.